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Traffic column is used for access control to the protected territory. A column with traffic light gives a sign about permitting or prohibiting access to the location. If the light is red, then the road blocker/bollard is in a raised position. If the green light is on, then the road blocker/bollard is lowered and access to the territory is allowed.

The road blocker/bollard control can be carried out through the column. Traffic column has a special panel where almost any access control system up on your request can be installed. And the driver arriving at the checkpoint can open access having special authority to do so.

Vertical traffic signal has two lights, facing the oncoming traffic, red on top and green below that. – LED indicators have a bright color, it helps to see the traffic signal in a long distance. – In case the road blocking equipment is in the lowered position the green LED lights up / in the raised position the red LED lights up. – Sound alarm can be integrated in the traffic light up on the request.


Технічні характеристики і комплектація можуть відрізнятися від вказаного.

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Technical specs (for traffic light):
Tube diameter, mm 273
Plate width, mm 346
Height, mm 1668 (with traffic light)
1298 (without traffic light)
Operation mode Left/right version
LED light module diameter, mm 95
Protection level IP 54
Electrical specs (for traffic light):
Voltage from DC source 12 V (0,5 A)